Hello Bedford Community Church,

A growth group is a place to deeply dive into God’s word alongside your brothers and sisters in Christ.
When we gather in community with part of the body and invite God’s presence to do His work in us and
through us, He will honor that request. This is true on Sunday, and it is also very true when we come
together and ask the Holy Spirit to refine us with illumination from His Word; for us as individuals and as
a group on other days of the week. (WINK)

The Growth Group format uses the COMA Bible reading method. This is Context, Observation, Meaning,
and Application. Using the COMA method, we pray that the Father’s heart for us is revealed as we study
together in our growth groups. AND, we learn how to effectively read and understand the Bible for
ourselves as we engage in our own daily alone time with the Lord.

This year about 100 BCC attendees have been involved in Growth Group by either attending a group or
hosting a group in their home or on Zoom. And, we are happy to say that more groups are meeting in-
person during the latter part of this year as the demand for physical fellowship continues to increase.

In the coming year, we look forward to hosting more in-person groups and fostering new connections
within our growing community here at BCC as we will be offering 3 8-week semesters for 2023. I want to personally invite you to reach out to me if you are interested in joining a group, hosting a group, or just learning more. You can email me at growthgroups@bedfordcommunitychurch.org .

Looking forward to seeing you in 2023!