Level 3

We’ve all played level one on a game, beat it, and earned three stars. We
are hooked; we commit to level 2, and level 3, and on and on. However, in
our faith journey, we sometimes start the journey, complete the first level,
and stop. Content to play that same level repeatedly until we can do it with
our eyes closed. We know just what to expect; everything is the same,
and we get good at it. Then we get bored with it and put it on the
shelf to become dusty, unused, and sometimes completely forgotten. But
that is not the way God has designed our journey to be. He has
innumerable levels and exciting challenges for us to face and invites us to
continue journeying. He has provided us with the Holy Spirit as a
journeying companion, offering us wisdom, new tools, new places to
journey through, and new bosses to defeat. This spring, let’s power on
together and choose to Level Up.